Help your patients take control of their health. Recommend the my a:care app to your patients now

Introducing the my a:care smartphone app

my a:care is a unique smartphone app that can be recommended by healthcare professionals to help patients manage their health and medication adherence.

The app works by providing personalized adherence support, based on proven behavioral science techniques and motivational strategies to empower patients in their disease management. 

Key features of my a:care app

my a:care app provides reliable, personalized coaching and empowers patients to take small, manageable steps, rewarding positive action and building lasting change.

1. A motivational program to empower patients over the long term

The my a:care app enrols  your patients into a motivational program using proven behavioral change techniques to develop their intrinsic motivation and support the creation of new habits.

2. Treatment schedule tailored to patients

Patients can set up their own profile including their medication, and when they need to take them. They will be reminded each time they need to take their medication as well as booking new appointments at your clinic and going to the pharmacy for a prescription renewal.

3. Important to keep the cube green 

The green cubere presents your patient’s overall motivation to build a new behaviour. The objective is to keep it green, by completing lifestyle challenges, which are not necessarily related to their medication regimen, such as:

drinking more water during the day

getting an early night

The medical literature has shown that effective interventions integrate strategies that motivate, empower, and encourage patients to make informed decisions and assume responsibility for self-care1. Therefore, the more positive steps taken by the patient, and the more challenges completed the greener the cube becomes.

Find out more

See how the app works by watching this short video.

my a:care app is free and available for patients to download on the App Store and Google Play.

Speak to your Abbott representative who can provide you with leaflets and posters about the app for your consultation rooms and waiting areas.

THIS IS ADHERENCE REIMAGINED. This is care empowered.


  1. Evangelista, LS, Shinnick MA. What do we know about adherence and self-care? Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 2008;23(3): 250-7. doi:10.1097/01.JCN.0000317428.98844.4d